About Us

FAR Australia’s role in the industry

The primary role of FAR Australia is applying science innovation to profitable outcomes in the field, through excellence in applied field research and interpretation of research for use on farm. FAR Australia staff carry out a wide range of field research projects partnering and collaborating with a number of higher science bodies including universities, state departments and CSIRO. The organisation is integrally involved in extension and training of growers and advisors working with regional farming groups and the cropping levy body GRDC to provide cutting edge, field proven research outcomes for adoption by growers. In addition to a range of national and regional research projects, FAR Australia runs its own field research centres in collaboration with industry partners depending on location.

International linkages

FAR Australia’s national and regional research programmes, extensive collaborating linkages and field research centres give an ideal platform to independently showcase the best innovations in both the Australian and New Zealand cropping industries. Partnering with FAR New Zealand as part of FAR Group creates opportunities for international linkages with researchers in Europe, North America and South America.

This creates excellent opportunities to fast track new advances in field science, agronomy and husbandry being adopted elsewhere in the world. Linkages with New Zealand have led to new germplasm advances in Australia as well as collaborative research programmes such as cereal endophytes, which is being funded by both levy organisations; GRDC in Australia and FAR in New Zealand.