WA Crop Technology Centre (Albany)

The WA Crop Technology Centre was established in 2019 and is located in the Albany Port zone of WA. The centre currently hosts two research projects – The GRDC’s High Rainfall Zone (HRZ) Farming Systems project and the GRDC’s new Hyper Yielding Crops (HYC) initiative. The HYC Initiative is a four-year investment spanning five states – Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia. This project aims to push the economically attainable yield boundaries of wheat, barley and canola and growers are being invited to join the networks and host paddock-scale trials on their properties to enable a “seeing is believing” participatory approach to the research. The HRZ Farming Systems project is led by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development in collaboration with FAR Australia and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) with the objective optimising cropping in the Western and Southern regions.