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FAR Australia joins forces with industry to push broadacre productivity

6 April 2022

Cultivating sustainable solutions to increase broadacre productivity through research, extension, training and adoption is the aim of ‘Industry Innovations 2025 (II2025).

Now approaching its second year, Industry Innovations 2025 (II2025), developed by Field Applied Research (FAR) Australia is a five-year programme which sets out to provide innovative research solutions which in turn will create a more productive and sustainable future for the Australian grains industry.

As part of this programme, FAR Australia is once again teaming up with industry organisations to conduct independent research based on germplasm, nutrition, agrichemicals, soil amelioration and enabling technologies which will allow growers to make more profitable use of these agronomic inputs now and in the future.

With seven Crop Technology Centres (CTCs) operating nationally across the more productive growing regions of Australia, FAR Australia has a nation-wide capability to not only test these new advances, but to also provide a framework for showcasing these products to advisers, industry representatives and growers themselves.

As an II2025 partner, organisations also have an opportunity to take advantage of training packages offering access to the CTCs for graduate level staff in order to fast track their knowledge by utilising side by side comparisons and/or training for more specialist staff who require more tailored agronomy coaching.

“We are thrilled to be working with industry to draw together key research advances and cropping solutions” said Nick Poole, FAR Australia’s managing director. “With Crop Technology Centres located nationally, it has given us much greater capacity to engage in these strategic collaborations which we believe will harness profitable outcomes for Australian grain growers nationwide and the industry more generally.

“We understand that one size does not necessarily fit all, therefore we can develop specific packages and protocols according to individual requirements with confidentiality and sensitivity placed around non-commercial products as required.”

Also part of the II2025 initiative, FAR Australia has developed two programmes; 1). Fungicide Fingerprinting which aims to generate an independent evaluation of existing and newly developed fungicides to help growers and advisers make better decisions when managing disease and fungicide use; and 2). Germplasm Evaluation Network, commencing in 2022, this initiative aims to assist breeders in bringing new germplasm to the marketplace whilst ensuring that the genetics fulfil their yield potential – both prospectuses can be located at:

In addition to putting agricultural solutions to the test, FAR Australia is keen to work with those in the industry who see a role for novel agronomy strategies that may provide solutions in the farming systems 10 years from now, these strategies could be based on processed organic manures, biological control agents, plant activators or a mix of these products with more traditional approaches.

For anyone wishing to find out more information in Industry Innovations 2025, please visit or contact Rachel Hamilton, Communications and Events Manager, FAR Australia on 0428 843 456 or email

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