Field Applied Research (FAR) Australia both leads, and collaborates in, a number of research projects across Australia that involve working with many industry partners. Research funding comes from the wider Australian grains industry, the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC), state governments and the federal Government. These projects have resulted in FAR Australia having an extensive network of research, industry and farming group contacts across the country.

Current Projects

Hyper Yielding Crops (HYC) Initiative

A GRDC funded project led by FAR Australia that aims to push crop yield boundaries in high yield potential grain growing environments for wheat, barley and canola. Through this investment, high yield potential cultivars suited to local environments are identified and the most appropriate agronomic management tactics – including paddock selection and preparation, canopy management, disease, weed and pest control, and crop nutrition strategies – are explored to assist grower and adviser decision making. Collaborators: GRDC, FAR Australia, Brill Ag, CSIRO, DPIRD, SARDI, SFS, TechCrop, CeRDI, MFMG, Riverine Plains and Stirlings to Coast Farmers.

Optimising high rainfall zone cropping for profit in the Western and Southern Regions

This project is funded by the GRDC with the objective of optimising cropping in the Western and Southern regions. The project is led by Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) in collaboration with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and FAR Australia.

The Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network (AFREN)

Supported by the GRDC, the Australian Fungicide Resistance Extension Network (AFREN) brings together regional plant pathologists, fungicide resistance experts and communications and extension specialists to develop and deliver fungicide resistance resources to growers and advisers across the country. FAR Australia are proud to be associated with this initiative in both a regional and national capacity.

Optimising Irrigated Grains

This GRDC funded Project “Development and validation of soil amelioration and agronomic practices to realise the genetic potential of grain crops grown under a high yield potential, irrigated environment in the northern and southern regions” is led by FAR Australia and includes 66 replicated irrigated field trials on six crops per year for 3 years. Collaborators: Irrigated cropping council (ICC), New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) and FAR Australia.

Early sown wheat with LaTrobe University

Supported by the GRDC this project aims to improve the performance of early sown wheat using both winter and spring germplasm as well as Near Isogenic Lines (NILs) to identify the perfect “ideotypes” for early planting. Collaborators: The project is led by LaTrobe University with FAR Australia as regional partner in the NE Victoria region.

Development of New Fungicide Actives for the Australian Market

Work in this area is conducted with the wider Australian industry with additional studies on fungicide resistance in conjunction with Curtin University. Collaborators: Various industry manufacturers, Centre for Crop Disease Management (CCDM), Curtin University.

Completed Projects

Hyper Yielding Cereals 2016-2020

This GRDC funded project which has now concluded demonstrated that it is possible to more than double yields in some situations through sowing the right cultivars and effective implementation of appropriately tailored management strategies. Having generated enormous attention from mainland growers, the GRDC is now funding a new initiative which builds on the success of the Tasmanian based Hyper Yielding Cereals Project.

For more information on FAR Australia’s research projects, please contact Communications and Events Manager Rachel Hamilton on 0428 843456 or email