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A Decade In: FAR Australia Celebrates 10 Years

3 July 2022

Australian based field applied researcher, developer and extension provider marks a major milestone.

Field Applied Research (FAR) Australia announced today that it has achieved a major milestone: 10 years of successful business operation in Australia. The not-for-profit research and extension organisation which started business with two researchers from New Zealand has grown into a national provider of R, D & E with 12 full-time and casual staff operating nationally.

“I am truly thankful and humbled by the team’s success over the past decade,” said Nick Poole, FAR Australia’s managing director. “I am equally appreciative to those individuals in the wider industry who have contributed to and supported us on our journey. With a new R, D & E business strategy in place we are excited to see what the next decade brings to the organisation.”

From setting up in a single office unit in Inverleigh; the organisation now delivers R, D & E at a national level from three regional offices – head office based in Bannockburn VIC and a further two offices located in Esperance WA and Mulwala NSW.

Over the course of the past decade, FAR Australia has considerably expanded its research portfolio. At inception, the major focus of research was on disease management, however with the diverse skills and expertise of the expanded team, and eight crop technology centres located nationally, the organisation is now able to deliver a much wider portfolio of research across both winter and summer crops, amid some extremely varied growing environments.

Upon formation of the organisation, Mr Poole was joined by former NZ colleague Tracey Wylie, FAR Australia’s senior research manager and member of the senior management team. “It’s been wonderful to witness the growth within the team and the diversification of the business over the years,” Ms Wylie said. “I feel we (FAR Australia) have made some tremendous contributions to the industry with meeting the aspirational yield targets set with projects such as the GRDC national investment Hyper Yielding Crops, the key learnings derived from the early sowing research work and building and maintaining positive relationships with clients have been just a few of the highlights.”

Andrew Rice, FAR Australia’s board chairman said this 10-year anniversary marks an exciting new chapter for the organisation. “It’s been a privilege to serve on the FAR Australia board; the growth and development in the organisation is the result of the diligence and sacrifice of our staff to which I am truly grateful. We are on track to achieve our purpose of being a national provider of, and investor in, R, D & E for the Australian agricultural sector.”

“As we continue to build capacity and capability in agricultural research, we also continue to ensure that our purpose creates change, and with that I refer to grower adoption; since there is little benefit doing the research without uptake of positive findings,” said Mr Poole. “We are very appreciative of growers and advisers who continue to take part in our research and extension

activities and put their trust in our findings to help improve the productivity and profitability of their own farming enterprises.”

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