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FAR Australia adds value to the Australian grains industry with innovative e-Products

5 September 2023

Australian based field applied researcher, developer and extension provider proudly announces the launch of its cutting-edge suite of e-Products, a series of written, audio and visual extension and education aids designed to assist growers and industry in making good agronomic management decisions throughout the growing season. 

With decades of expertise in the grains industry, FAR Australia has continually pioneered advancements to enhance the productivity and sustainability of farming practices. This latest range of e-Products marks a significant milestone in the organisation’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the Australian grains industry.

The newly launched e-Products includes 1. ‘inGRAINed’ a branded series of Cropping Strategies, written to cover different management strategies which will be mailed to subscribers and published online; 2. FARmacy Podcasts, a series of audio content; and 3. FARmacy YouTube videos, a series of visual content.

FAR Australia’s e-Products are designed to cater to the specific needs of the Australian grains industry, harnessing the latest field observations and research results to address the complexities and demands faced by growers and advisers throughout the growing season.

“We are thrilled to unveil e-Products that we trust will provide the Australian grains industry with new independent references around key management decisions being considered on farm,” said Nick Poole, FAR Australia’s Managing Director. “The release of e-Products follows an extensive strategic review by the board of FAR Australia activities, who felt that these independent educational and extension tools should be a key part of the organisation’s future.”

Updates based on the latest findings from the field will be produced, these will aim to assist growers in the drive for efficiency and productivity gains on farm, ultimately contributing to a more resilient grains industry.

The launch of these e-Products is a testament to FAR Australia’s commitment in creating solutions that have a positive and lasting impact on the Australian grains industry. The company remains dedicated to supporting growers in their pursuit of excellence and sustainability.

Issues 1 and 2 of inGRAINed Cropping Strategies have been published on the FAR Australia website. These talk about disease management in wheat and faba beans 2023 and can be found on the FAR Australia website at

Should you wish to receive FAR Australia’s e-Products, please email advising you wish to be added to its mailing list.

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