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Extension activities and COVID-19

24 August 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has without doubt changed the way we all live our daily lives and will continue to impact the way FAR Australia delivers extension activities to growers, advisers and industry personnel across Australia for the foreseeable future.

With restrictions lifted in WA, FAR Australia still plans to deliver two field days at its WA Crop Technology Centres which are based in Green Range (Albany Port Zone) and Esperance.

There is still some uncertainty around the format we will deliver in-field events in South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. FAR Australia will continue to follow all state guidelines to ensure the safe delivery of any events held. This may result in compulsory registration processes and limited numbers to ensure social distancing can be maintained in the paddock.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to cancel the Victoria Hyper Yielding Crops (HYC) field day which was planned for 29th October, this will be replaced with a series of virtual in-field presentations and webinars.

To ensure growers and advisers continue to have access to timely and relevant information, FAR Australia will compile a series of digital in-field presentations which will be available on the FAR Australia YouTube channel as we progress through spring. A series of webinars will also be available creating opportunities for informal Q&A sessions.

A calendar of events can be located on the FAR Australia website, however please be advised that these may be subject to change dependent upon restrictions imposed. Regular updates will be posted on the FAR Australia Twitter and Facebook pages. Please click on the following links to subscribe.
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